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Shroomkin are raccoon like forest dwellers that share a life-long bond with a fungi.

Shroomkin tend to stand around 1’ (30.4cm) at the shoulder. They have sharp, retractable claws used for climbing and delicate tasks, but only begrudgingly used for digging. Their thumbs are opposable. They are mammalian, covered in fur and bearing live young in litters of 1-3, once a year or less as they desire. Their lifespan is anywhere from 20-50 years, 50 being considered rare and highly respected if achieved (they count their age in seasons, however, so 50 years would be considered 200 seasons).

When a Shroomkin is born they are a very drab shade of grey brown. Once they are weaned, they set out on a solitary right of passage to find their first mushroom. After eating the mushroom the Shroomkin return home to the safety of their clan and sleep for several days. When they wake up, the Shroomkin sees that the mushroom has become a part of them as a symbiotic relationship is formed. Over the next week or two, they grow their adult pelt and finally, the fruiting body of the mushroom can be seen on their forehead or cheeks and on rare occasions their thighs.


-Make Your Own following the guide lines given HERE

- Purchase a custom from Herboreal - HERE

- Buy a custom with 60 coins - ADDITIONAL INFO

- Adopts via Herboreal or Guest Artist

- Draw-to-Adopt Events

- Raffle Events


- Species Reference
- Biology & Behavior
- Map of Silkkassa
- Shroomkin Clan Map
- Treasury
- Masterlist
- MYO Information
- F.A.Q
- Adoptable T.O.S

Shroomkins are a closed species by :iconherboreal:

This is the bank where coins you've earned are stored!

Please comment on this entry when you have earned coins.
Example: you commissioned an artwork from someone. Once that transaction is complete, comment on this entry to let me know so I an add coins to your account!


x1 Commissioned art of any artistic medium of your Shroomkin

x1 Finished drawing or painting of a Shroomkin or a NPC
  +1 coin for each additional Shroomkin present in the image
  +1 coin for substantial background
  +1 coin if the image is gift art (can not include your own Shroomkin or be a commission)

x10 3D digital model

x5 Simple Animation (minimum of 5-15 different frames)
x10 Detailed Animation (minimum of 15+ different frames)

x1 Write fictive prose featuring your Shroomkin or someone else's Shroomkin as a gift (1 coin per 600 words)

Prompts & Events
x2 Colored drawing with no background
  +1 for each additional Shroomkin present in the image
x4 Colored drawing with substantial background
  +1 for each additional Shroomkin present in the image

x2 Writing (400-600 words)
x4 Writing (600+ words)

x5 Sewing/ Embroidery
  +5 for substantial background

x10 Needle Felt

x10 Crochet

x20 Small plush (under 10inches)
x30 Large plush (over 11inches)

x5 Simple sculptures
x10 Detailed sculptures (fine detail in fur, accessories or props)


[ Pixel ] tiny clover! by blushbunIMPORTANT! Please comment on this journal if you completed/commissioned something that earns currency! We will only add it to the treasury once you have commented on the treasury journal!

[ Pixel ] tiny clover! by blushbun"finished" means polished. So a finished piece may just be lineart and that's fine, but realize that a quick sketch with little polishing might not qualify. In other words, please don't take advantage of this option by making a bunch of quick sketch pieces for the purpose of gaining currency.

[ Pixel ] tiny clover! by blushbunYou can earn a maximum of 15 coins each month.

[ Pixel ] tiny clover! by blushbunIf you trade or sell your Shroomkin, you must comment on the master list-…

[ Pixel ] tiny clover! by blushbunIf you trade or sell your ONLY Shroomkin and plan to leave the group, your coin count will be transferred to the new owner.

[ Pixel ] tiny clover! by blushbunYou don't HAVE to use your currency. You can just let it sit in the bank if you want! OR you can give it to someone else, but only as a gift (selling coins for IRL money or as a bargaining/trade item is prohibited). Begging or asking other members for money is prohibited and if caught, you will be denied use of the treasury system henceforth.

[ Pixel ] tiny clover! by blushbunItems bought with group currency may not be traded or resold. Only your custom Shroomkin may be traded.


Spend your coins by making a request on this journal (be sure to tag/ping me) or sending a note to Herboreal .
After that, I will contact you via note to fulfill your request! Please make your initial request simple, i.e. "one necklace" or "x rare trait". Details can be sent via note, as this is just for record keeping!

Please use this very short form:


x10 Accessory (decorative)
[includes Badjer designed art of one scarf, jewelry piece, etc]

x20 One Rare Trait Potion
[includes Badjer designed art of your Shroomkin + one rare trait]

x40 One Exceedingly Rare Trait Potion
[includes Badjer designed art of your Shroomkin + one exceedingly rare trait]

x50 One Custom Shroomkin
[includes Quartz-Witch designed art of a customized Shroomkin with a choice of scarf, hood or shawl and spore case]

Please feel free to ask questions, make comments, or make suggestions on this post. I welcome feedback, especially for ideas on how to earn and spend coins, but be aware that I will not accept (and also may not respond to) every suggestion that is made. Thank you for your participation!

-Balkeir: 12 coins
-citrinecat: 6 coins
-cloud-the-art-zombie: 2 coin
-CrazyCat1231: 2 coin
-dracomewqem: 8 coins
-Feminarenatus: 11 coins
-HeronDreams: 9 coins
-Limesparrow: 2 coins
-Marsey:10 coins
-MikaHatter: 4 coins
-mousielove: 2 coins
-nopalrabbit: 11 coins
-PillowRabbit: 5 coin
-Sound-of-Heaven: 2 coins
-TheOneAndOnlyEevee: 3 coins
-TheWyvernAndTheFox: 5 coins
-quartz-witch: 8 coins
-quislings: 1 coin
-WrendingRae: 1 coin

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