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Shroomkin are raccoon like forest dwellers that share a life-long bond with a fungi.

Shroomkin tend to stand around 1’ (30.4cm) at the shoulder. They have sharp, retractable claws used for climbing and delicate tasks, but only begrudgingly used for digging. Their thumbs are opposable. They are mammalian, covered in fur and bearing live young in litters of 1-3, once a year or less as they desire. Their lifespan is anywhere from 20-50 years, 50 being considered rare and highly respected if achieved (they count their age in seasons, however, so 50 years would be considered 200 seasons).

When a Shroomkin is born they are a very drab shade of grey brown. Once they are weaned, they set out on a solitary right of passage to find their first mushroom. After eating the mushroom the Shroomkin return home to the safety of their clan and sleep for several days. When they wake up, the Shroomkin sees that the mushroom has become a part of them as a symbiotic relationship is formed. Over the next week or two, they grow their adult pelt and finally, the fruiting body of the mushroom can be seen on their forehead or cheeks and on rare occasions their thighs.


-Make Your Own following the guide lines given HERE

- Purchase a custom from Herboreal - HERE

- Buy a custom with 60 coins - ADDITIONAL INFO

- Adopts via Herboreal or Guest Artist

- Draw-to-Adopt Events

- Raffle Events


- Species Reference
- Biology & Behavior
- Map of Silkkassa
- Shroomkin Clan Map
- Treasury
- Masterlist
- MYO Information
- F.A.Q
- Adoptable T.O.S

Shroomkins are a closed species by :iconherboreal:

Ake is a legend among all Shroomkin Villages. He is over 800 seasons old(over 200 in human years) which is unheard of as the average Shroomkin life span is 200 seasons. In the past two centuries, Ake was leader to several clans and has since bestowed leadership upon those he deemed responsible and trustworthy enough to take on the task when he was ready to leave and travel to a new location.

Nearly a two decades ago, Ake decided to live in the Buck Mountains alone and has only been seen a handful of times since and those who think they get a glimpse of him in the forest will blink or do a double-take and see that he is no longer there. This has started many rumors that Ake is actually a shape-shifter similar to the Tanuki of Earth and that is why he mysteriously disappears but there is no confirmation nor denial of this. Only clan leaders know of Ake's location and some travel long distances alone bringing him various items as payment to seek advice and guidance from him to help them with difficult issues they may not be able to resolve on their own. The item however has to be something of interest to him.

check out the Bank to learn about more way's to earn coins -…


Ake is always seeking supplies or something new to collect. Every weekend for a 24hr period, you have the opportunity to give Ake one item and see what he gives you in return. If the item is not what he is seeking then you will not receive anything, if the item is to his liking then you may be rewarded with coins or accessories for your Shroomkin!

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioYOU DO NOT NEED TO OWN A SHROOMKIN TO PARTICIPATE. However you can make your own for free by following this guide - MYO Information

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioYOU WILL HAVE 1 DAY TO COMMENT! the event ends after 24hrs.

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioBelow is a list of 6 items, ONE of these is the item that Ake is currently seeking which he will give you 2-4 coins for.

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioJust pick ONE of the items and comment below " I would like to give Ake the ________"

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioOnce the event has ended we will reply to your comment to let you know if you have selected correctly. Good Luck!

-  pink oyster mushroom
-  ash sapling
-  ginger root
-  butterfly weed
-  stone hammer
-  embroidered cloth



February 2017
week 4: Balkeir | HeronDreams | theOneAndOnlyEevee

March 2017
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April 2017
week 1: PillowRabbit
week 2: PillowRabbit | HeronDreams
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May 2017

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I am looking for some RP/art buddies to do Shroomkin things with. I have two babes: Terra & Tovuz. Terra has met a few of you already, and has a small shipping plot going, but Tovuz is new! I would love to get both of these plots running (with art & prose), and maybe perhaps find Tov a boyfriend... yes.  Contact me for plottings~ 

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